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There is a song deep-within , a melody so deep. I hear a whisper of the wind across the plains. Birds of all colors chirping away happily as the sunrise enticingly cuts through the hills. Steamy streams flow away to the dusty creeks.Blue skies touching the  proud stretched mountain peaks.Its not just a new  morning in AFRICA , Its a new promise of something so profoundly deep and true.

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The forests come to life ,I hear the roar of the of the lion calling me to join in. The rhythmic dance of the trees with water falls clapping along. As the darkness falls, the crisp smell of dead vegetation fills the air.

In anticipation of the great showers of water earth, hot springs raise up hymns of thanksgiving  to the gods for answered prayers. Creatures great and small gather around with great bundles of joy under the waning moon.


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Living in the Moment

LEO,what you experienced was awesome and thank you so much for sharing with all of us the cat lovers….such a touching moment…

The LEO Chronicles

November 14 – Morning Game Drive – Selinda

Before I start reliving November 14th (which was the penultimate day of the entire trip for us) I hope you will allow me a bit of a retrospective.  It has been just over a month since I last posted, and I came up with a ton of excuses for myself behind the delay.  In the last few weeks I have been grappling with some challenging news concerning two of my dearest friends and I am trying to get my arms around it all.  I went for a long walk in the “tundra” which is what Connecticut feels like in the winter when compared to summer in Botswana.  I saw a beautiful red-tail hawk soaring, a very confused blue bird who appeared as frustrated with the cold as I was, and three white-tailed deer loping through the snow.  In the midst of…

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